The Evaluation Process

We know that timely and meaningful feedback is important to your professional growth. We believe that it is mutually beneficial to evaluate your performance over the course of the summer.

In addition to informal feedback, we have also established a formal evaluation system. We want this process to be as transparent as possible, and we will discuss it in detail and share the evaluation form with you during the first week of the summer program. Each lawyer with whom you work will be asked to comment on the quality of your work, your verbal and written communication skills, your ability to work with others and your ownership of matters. We will use these evaluations to assess your performance. You will then have a mid-summer and end-of-summer review that will provide you with an opportunity to discuss the appraisals of your work. This is meant to be a two-way process, and we will solicit your feedback about your experience throughout the summer.

The best aspects of the summer program were the amazing interaction of the partners, the opportunity to bond with the summer associates and the variety of summer events.

Trisha Grant
Associate, Washington, DC