Summer Associate Survey Results

We asked these questions (along with a lot of others) of our summer associates, and here are their unedited, unscripted and unabridged opinions.

How would you describe the Firm and the summer program to a fellow student?

“When you work at White & Case as a summer associate, you are working closely with partners and associates on real matters. You get hands-on experience that is invaluable for a young attorney just beginning his or her career.”

“At White & Case, you have the opportunity to work with multinational clients on cross-border deals and cases that are being litigated in several countries. This is done seamlessly because White & Case has offices around the globe with local attorneys who know the laws of each region.”

“The Firm seemed very diverse. People of all types were represented, and there were a variety of different interests and lifestyles represented as well. The Firm is very accepting and appreciative of differences.”

Will you recommend White & Case to your law school friends? Why?

“Absolutely. The recruiters, the associates and the partners all care very deeply about the Firm, the summer class and the clients. This allows for a very rich learning environment that provides great opportunities, especially when combined with the global reach and work of the Firm.”

“I would recommend White & Case to my law school friends because I had a wonderful time over the summer. I got work that interested me and, most importantly, enjoyed the people that I worked with. If a person is interested in international law, this is the place to be. You get to do real work and have a lot of opportunities to interact with attorneys at all levels of the Firm.”

“Yes, I will recommend White & Case to my law school friends based on the strength and flexibility of the summer program, the formal and informal mentorship opportunities available at the Firm, and the Firm’s global reach.”

Was the work interesting and challenging?

“There were a lot of pro bono opportunities. White & Case is very interested in giving back to the community. In fact, we were all required to work on at least one pro bono matter over the summer. A lot of the junior associates were engaged in and even brought in pro bono matters.”

“Definitely. I am glad that I received exposure in many different areas I was interested in, and that I did things that actually mattered and were used by lawyers at the Firm.”

“Yes, the work was interesting and challenging. There was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but I was able to pick up on things as time went on. The assignments that I received were interesting because they were of importance to the clients that we worked for. The deadlines were also pressing, which made the work even more important.”

What were the best aspects of the summer program?

“I really enjoyed getting to know everyone whether during work or social events. This Firm is a wonderful place to be not only because of the great work, but also because of the great people.”

“The opportunity to get work from the lawyers you want to work with, the ability to converse and get assistance from all lawyers, and the social events. At the end of the summer, you can really get an understanding of the Firm all the way up to the partner level and everyone’s expectations of you when you arrive after law school.”

“Exposure to partners. They were willing to take the time to explain assignments, went to many events and [were] generally accessible to summers. Also, work was real and steady.”

What were your impressions of the training opportunities offered by the Firm?

“The fact that there are training opportunities at every level in your career from summer associate to partner not only gives you a sense that the Firm is invested in you but also provides opportunities to keep in touch with your peers in other offices.”

“There were a lot of training opportunities. We had our own trainings and, in addition, had the opportunity to participate in all of the regular training events that the Firm was offering.”

“There is a ton of support for research, technological issues and business services. The benefits are very apparent in day-to-day work.”

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The best aspects of the summer program were the amazing interaction of the partners, the opportunity to bond with the summer associates and the variety of summer events.

Trisha Grant
Associate, Washington, DC