OCI Schedule

Our training is comprehensive, the work is cutting-edge, career prospects are unlimited and the rewards are excellent. Representatives from our offices will be visiting the following law schools and job fairs in 2017.

BOS (Boston), LA (Los Angeles), MI (Miami), NY (New York), 
SV (Silicon Valley), DC (Washington, DC)

July 15
San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association Job Fair (SV)

July 24
The Law Consortium (DC)

July 25
The Law Consortium (MI)
Penn Job Fair (SV)

July 26
On Tour Interview Program (MI)

July 27
BC/BU Job Fair (NY)
Vanderbilt Job Fair (NY)

July 31
GWU Job Fair (NY)
Notre Dame Job Fair (NY)
UC Irvine (US)

August 1
Cornell (NY, DC)
Duke (NY, DC)

August 2
Berkeley (LA, NY, SV, DC)

August 3
Columbia (BOS, LA, MI, NY, DC)
Fordham (NY)

August 4
Loyola Patent Job Fair (SV, DC)

August 7
Howard (NY,DC)
Northwestern (MI, NY, DC)

August 8
American (DC)
Chicago (NY, DC)
Florida (MI)
Miami (MI)
Penn (NY, DC)
Yale (US)

August 9
Georgetown (NY, DC)

August 10
Harvard (BOS, LA, MI, NY, SV, DC)
Michigan (NY, DC)

August 16
McGill (NY)

August 18
Toronto (NY)


Being truly global is not just a buzzword at White & Case. Starting with the summer program, associates have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and colleagues from around the world on a daily basis.

Nathan Zhang
Associate, Silicon Valley