You will be provided with a number of formal and informal mentors to help integrate you into the Firm.

Partner mentors 

Partner mentors will be available to provide guidance, answer questions and generally assist you in assimilating into the Firm as quickly as possible. They are available to ensure that you are fully engaged in all aspects of our summer program. You are encouraged to talk to your partner mentor about the type of work you would like exposure to and any questions you may have regarding your work assignments. 

Counsel and associate mentors 

Counsel and associate mentors assist you throughout the summer. Like your partner mentor, the role of these mentors is to help make your summer experience as productive and beneficial as possible.

Office mates 

In some locations, you will be sharing an office with a junior associate who will act as an informal mentor and help you meet other lawyers and office staff. Office mates are a valuable resource, and you should feel comfortable asking them any questions you may have.


All recruiters are ready and willing to assist you along the way.

The best aspects of the summer program were the amazing interaction of the partners, the opportunity to bond with the summer associates and the variety of summer events.

Trisha Grant
Associate, Washington, DC